Our fundraiser for Skye has now come to an end. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this fundraiser. I am happy to announce that we have raised $400!

We will be passing this onto Skye and her family along with a little goody bag from our heart to theirs.

An update on Skye:

Skye is doing well. She has scans every 3 months, the last ones showed no new growth of the disease so that was a huge relief. We are still working on getting her to eat and drink as she is still orally aversive and receives all her sustenance through her nasal gastric tube. 

As we have recently gained access to NDIS we are able to attend two speech pathology sessions a week to focus on this issue. Skye is making slow progress but it is still progress! She is still non-verbal so we are working on expanding her signing repertoire. She is currently using a PECS folder with picture cards to request toys/activities. 

Continued therapy has also seen progress in her walking which she does unsteadily but independently. A long awaited accomplishment and very powerful to see our little girl overcoming one of her many challenges. 

Skye attends the Early Childhood Development Program in Burleigh and loves her time there. She takes the teachers hand and waves me away when I drop her off twice a week! 

Skye is obsessed with swings and would spend all day on them! Her first sign ‘more’ was learnt through motivation for more swing time! She loves stars and has learnt the sign to request for her star projector at night – opening and shutting her little hands wildly when we put her down for her sleep! 

Skye loves music and nursery rhymes and does cute little enthusiastic approximations to their actions! She has also learnt a few signs for animals which she engages in whenever we read her favourite book ‘Pip and Posy’. 

We are all very touched by how caring and supportive the Bundaberg community has been towards our little Skye! 

It would be lovely to see you again to thank you in person and show you how far Skye has come since her Kindermusik days!

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