Musical Theatre Classes

2020 ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

Does your child love to sing, impersonate characters or simply dance to the beat of their own heart?

Imagine a place where nurturing this imagination, delight and enthusiasm is experienced in a safe and nurturing environment from week to week. Here your child will discover a world where self-confidence grows, new friends are found and inclusiveness is encouraged.

Musical Theatre classes at BTR are a fun and easy way for your child to indulge in the fabulous world of the Performing Arts. Watch your child blossom as they explore the many facets of becoming a confident actor or actress. All while developing singing skills that will set the foundation for a life-time of self-expression, self-confidence and joy.

Activities your child will experience in class:

In class your child will enjoy activities that incorporate acting, drama, music and movement, and singing. Through these activities your child will practice the performance skills required for performing in their chosen show for the year, all whilst becoming empowered to extend their ‘little wins’ into lifelong victories.

Prepping the Performer

Rhythm Makers

Get Down and Dance

Living an Actor's Life

Short Plays and Scenes

  • Prepping the Performer: Your child will learn how to audition, perform vocal warm ups as well as how to take a bow and receive applause at the end of a performance like the stars do!
  • Rhythm Makers: Through fun musical games your child will create rhymes, do a ‘play on words’, poem writing and songwriting.
  • Get Down and Dance: Your child will experience activities that encourage and expand their creative movement.
  • Living an Actor’s Life:  Students will learn how to work together as a team. Boost their energy at rehearsal. Develop their characters.
  • Short Plays and Scenes: Your child will explore various folk tales from the “Tortoise and The Hare” to classics such as “Alice in Wonderland” to get their creative juices flowing.

What are some of the benefits of taking a Musical Theatre Class:

Pronunciation Exercises

Imagine how this skill can benefit your child in school! This skill not only benefits your child’s speaking skills but their listening skills too!

Posture + Breathing Techniques

Your child will learn how to create the best ‘state’ for their body, mind and soul to be in for performing. 

Rhyming + Tongue Twisters

Tongue twisters and rhymes are fun! However, they can also help your child with their pronunciation and ability to speak clearly.

Vocal Scales

Through singing scales your child will improve their pitch memory which is essential to any singer's ear training whilst safely expanding their vocal range.

Performance Opportunities

Your child will have the opportunity to perform in the Bundaberg Eisteddfod either as a solo performer or in pairs. Then get ready to take to the stage at our annual BTR Concert as a group to perform a scene from the chosen musical for the year.

What your investment in Musical Theatre Classes gives you!

$ 49 per month plus $35 annual registration fee
  • Access to weekly classes
  • Your child will be educated by our beautiful Musical Theatre educator
  • You will receive class materials and relevant resources
  • On stage performance experience at our Annual BTR Concert
  • Guidance based on your child's wants and needs
  • A special gift from our heart to yours upon enrolment.

Enrolment is quick and easy. 

Select a time that suits your schedule and a payment option that most suits your needs.

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