Moove + Groove

Young Children 3-4 years

Welcome to Kindermusik, Level 3

 Build a strong foundation for math, reading and writing!

Move & Grove classes offer children exciting first experiences with musical symbols and more complex instruments, laying the groundwork for formal music instruction. You’ll join the fun for the final activities and watch as your child begins to master music terms and concepts, building a strong foundation for learning in other subjects like math, reading, and writing. 

With a wide range of learning opportunities within these classes, your pre-schooler will:

build stronger foundations for language and literacy skills

strengthen brain connections for integration of new information

strengthen brain connections for decision making & critical thinking

enhance their self- awareness, creativity & sequencing ability

enhance their self-control within a group environment

Skills and Benefits for your young child:

  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Refined listening skills
  • Heightened sense of creativity
  • Development of sensory, motor, and cognitive skills
  • Increasing pitch accuracy, memory recall, and sequencing abilities
  • Ability to cooperate within a group, exhibit self-control, and listen attentively
  • Stronger foundation for language and literacy skills, such as phonological awareness, focused attention, effective communication, and vocabulary
  • Strengthened brain connections used to integrate new learning, make decisions, and think critically

Activities your young child will enjoy in class:

  • Listening to a variety of sounds, including music from individual instruments and complete compositions that highlight specific genres, cultures, composers, or concepts and sharing their listening observations
  • More complicated instrument-play, such as dances that include instrument play, back-and-forth rhythm conversations with instruments, and songs with accompanying instrument patterns
  • Experiencing various types of movement, including creative movement, movement with a partner, group, instruments, or props, and movement that explores concepts like high/low or staccato/legato
  • Singing a variety of songs in an appropriate range and engaging in call-and-response, echoing, and instrument play
  • Pretend play through music, vocal development, storytelling, listening, and movement
  • Introduction to music concepts and vocabulary

Let it begin with Kindermusik! Level 4 - Move & Groove!

Every Kindermusik class is a unique opportunity to play, nurture and bond with your young child

  • Be guided and supported through Kindermusik on your parental journey. Here you can feel reassured that you are in the right place for you and your young child.
  • Connecting with other parents and sharing your young child's stories will leave you feeling secure, and reassured.
  • Capture and celebrate your young child's natural love of music and new experiences. Each week creating a treasure chest of memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Enjoy watching your young child grow socially and emotionally. See their eyes shine brighter than bright as they discover little by little the miracle that they are.

Why Kindermusik?

Here is what one of our families had to say!

I cannot recommend Eunice's Kindermusik program enough. My little girl has gained more from the program than the love of music, confidence, delight and fun that was obvious from very early in her attending. Eunice has real interest in each child, a wealth of experience to share, and has given the program her very special personal stamp which has opened space in my daughter's later life in school. And even though she completed the program some time ago, my daughter shows the very distinct sense of delight in music and glow of confidence in her classroom, that has blossomed from attending Kindermusik with Eunice in her early life. What a gift to give any child beginning to take their new place in the world. I'm glad we bumped into you, Eunice!
Suzi Carson

Did you know that music and movement
can enhance your child's cognitive development?

What your investment in Kindermusik Classes gives you!​

$ 79 per month plus $35 annual registration fee
  • Access to weekly classes
  • You and your little one will be educated by our beautiful Kindermusik Maestro.
  • You will receive a set of gorgeous At Home Materials each month.
  • Specifically designed classes for the developmental needs of your child. 
  • Over 200 activities to do at home.
  • A special gift from our heart to yours upon enrolment.

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